Drawing and painting horses brings joy to my heart. It is my hope to express the free spirit and beauty of horses. I have been creating art ever since I could hold a crayon in my little fingers. Our family moved out to the country when I was three and our neighbors owned a pony and a horse. I immediately fell in love and time has only augmented that feeling for me.


                      My mother was an art teacher and often took me to art museums to experience all types of artists. There was always art all around me and I was encouraged to experiment with various media. Art was part of my schooling into college. For five years I worked for The Thomas Kinkade Company as a Master Highlighter. I was one of about sixteen artists who travel nation- wide to highlight Thomas Kinkade lithographs and lumigraphs for his patrons in the galleries. It was a great honor to work for Thomas Kinkade.                                       

 2006 - Tricia Ehman